Beginner athletes often face the problem of the opposite effect: they seem to be trying to gain muscle, but they get fat and completely miss the results. Remember that not only training and taking AAS brings the long-awaited success, but the nutritional plan when taking steroids plays a very important role:

Nutrition on a course of steroids

  • Before therapy, consult a sports doctor and trainer. These specialists will make adjustments to the diet, offer the best options and help avoid unwanted consequences;
    It is important that there is nutritional compliance with the objectives, so that you can use the products in the most advantageous way. “What does mean?” – you ask. It’s simple: if you want to gain weight, you have to eat well and eat a lot, even without limiting yourself to carbohydrates and sugar. When drying out or losing weight, it is better to take protein foods as a basis;
    Calculate the number of calories consumed and expended to understand how you should eat. To do this, multiply your weight by the number 30. The resulting number will be equal to the calories, which will be enough to maintain the body and its work. For a set of muscles, the daily energy consumption increases, you need to add another 1000 Kcal to this denominator, while losing weight and drying out, on the contrary, reduce the calorie content by 1000 Kcal;
    If an athlete is going to ride a bicycle for a long time, it is necessary to monitor his weight and the amount of fat and water in the body. Many anabolics are able to remove a large amount of fluid from the tissues, others significantly increase appetite. Full control and persistence will help to achieve the desired success without negative consequences;
    Use only fractional meals (up to 12 times a day), this will allow you to speed up your metabolism and get all the strength you need to reach your goal and your active training. The minimum number of meals is up to 6 times.
  • Eliminate simple carbs that can trigger fat accumulation (bread, sugar, cereal). When testing, monitor the hemoglobin level, iron should be enough. With a decrease in the level of iron, the destruction of muscles begins, since the body removes this substance from them;
    Proteins and carbohydrates are best eaten separately at different times. Before lunch – carbohydrates with vegetables, after lunch – proteins with vegetables.
  • Taking steroids is a serious step towards adulthood, so you need to strictly control the foods included in the diet. It is important that your glycemic index is low, otherwise you should expect a deterioration in well-being and other consequences;
    Nutrition in a course of steroids is calculated based on the goal. Of course, it is very difficult to consistently meet the standards, excluding sweets and all kinds of sweets. Do not risk it, if you really want to eat delicious, take as a base dried fruits, your favorite nuts or use special sports bars. Peanut butter is also very popular with professionals. It boosts energy potential, provides a sufficient amount of calories, and has a good steroid taste for a beginner.

Current diet

If the first course of steroids is not controlled by specialists, then it is better to learn all the basics and nuances on your own, eat right, drink plenty of water, train hard, sleep enough. Only an integrated approach has a beneficial effect on sports results and keeps them for a long time.

Diet and nutrition on a course of steroids

Training experience for the use of steroids

Inexperienced athletes, who start taking anabolic steroids, do not understand why they cannot achieve such results as professionals. Also, at some point, experienced athletes cannot get promoted due to stagnation. This is explained by different phases, including the age and experience of a person leading an active life. For beginners, as a rule, mild anabolics in the form of tablets are enough to achieve an impressive result. Professional chemists who have been using the therapy for years and have gained sufficient muscle volume may not count on it.

Every year the body adapts and once effective substances stop working. For this reason, it is recommended to start with milder anabolic substances and progress to more serious drugs over time. Steroids for athletes have become indispensable assistants in achieving goals and winning competitions. Of course, this does not mean that they can be used in unlimited quantities, a break is in order. In professional sports, as a rule, therapy is started shortly before competition in order to achieve the greatest success and advantage over rivals.

How to Take Steroids Properly

For athletes and fans, health must be a priority. Anyone who takes doping sometimes thinks of doing it all the time. This is not surprising, because after several years of training a person understands that this can be achieved in just a few months. Don’t be mistaken. If you take hormonal drugs and don’t follow the rules, you can push the body to the limit, or worse, death. Every beginner thinks: how often can you use steroids? It depends on experience, on the chosen drug and, of course, on individual characteristics. Each under the course means different concepts. So, for an inexperienced athlete, a whole step is to take Boldenone tablets, and for a chemist – several drugs at once.

Diet and nutrition on a course of steroids

The degree of disturbance in the body, hormonal balance and recovery time depend on this. After taking doping, no matter what it is, safe or more serious, you must undergo tests and undergo an examination. According to hormone analyzes, it will become clear how suppressed his own testosterone production is. Post cycle therapy is done for different periods of time with the use of anti-estrogens and testosterone boosters. The duration of recovery is different, it all depends on the age and severity of the funds. To understand how to take steroids safely, it is important to study how the body interacts with certain substances. Find the happy medium and you will always be fit and healthy. Experts recommend taking a break from anabolic steroids at least 3 times a year, that is, taking breaks between 1.5 and 2 months of use.

What to take in a steroid cycle for a beginner

It is very difficult to understand the abundance of sports pharmacology, especially if you did not know anything about therapy before. Where to start, how to choose, how to take, what should be an easy steroid cure? All these questions intrigue young, inexperienced athletes. Before starting treatment, read some general rules:

  • Decide on a goal, i.e. what do you want to achieve: muscles, elasticity and relief, or increase strength? Your initial choice will depend on this;
  • If you are unsure which first steroid course is right for you, you can check out the most popular and popular ready made courses for beginners.
  • Take hormonal tests and make sure that you are not allergic to the components that make up the purchased products;
  • Buy only original pharmaceutical products. It is very important that the first drug is of high quality, so as not to be disappointed with the treatment and to achieve a full result.

The Massive Beginner course is the most popular in professional and amateur sports. It can include a single drug (like nandrolone, methane) or multiple anabolics at once. It all depends on the desired result, health and, of course, opportunities.