Steroid-type drugs have been used in sports for over a year. Many professionals point out that it is impossible to achieve complete success without anabolic therapy. The first anabolic steroids appeared at the beginning of the last century and immediately gained popularity. In the 21st century, you can find a wide variety of products on the market for muscle building, drying and weight loss. Despite this, experienced athletes trust proven hormones more. Beginners who start in adult sports always rely on the experience of other athletes, who want to achieve high results.

Steroids for beginners

It is very difficult for inexperienced and amateur athletes to choose anabolics, because they still doubt their effectiveness. Now in the information area you can find opinions about the dangers of anabolic therapy and its uselessness. Beginners should know that anabolics are analogues of natural hormones like testosterone and nandrolone. It is these hormones that are responsible for the functioning of the body in full mode. Due to the increase in hormones in the blood, there is an increase in strength, endurance and muscle growth. Now, a healthy lifestyle is promoted at every stage, offering to gain muscle volume by refusing hormone therapy with the help of sports nutrition.

Of course, sports nutrition helps to improve performance, but the effect of steroids is the fastest effect. Athletes involved in professional sports can note that after several years of intensive training, changes in the body stop, even increasing the load it is impossible to achieve a significant result. The body adapts to the diet, and physical training stops the whole process. Taking steroids will allow you to break the plateau and improve your performance many times over. During the period of steroid therapy, the body can withstand prolonged stress, a strict diet without consequences for the body.

Another problem is the correct choice of synthetic analogues. It is important to carefully approach the course, to choose the most effective and safe ways. It is very difficult to do this in such a variety of assortments. For beginners, it is best to contact a doctor or a sports trainer. Here, of course, a problem may arise, as many experts refuse to give advice, since steroid-like drugs are prohibited in professional sports. In this case, you need to adhere to the standard application scheme and independently calculate the dose.

At what age can you start taking anabolic steroids?

All young people, as well as the fairer sex, ask the same question to coaches: at what age can you start smoking? This important moment can affect your whole life and your future career. The wrong time or drugs can ruin many years of hard work in the gym. An approach to anabolic therapy is needed with all seriousness. In most cases, modern youth is in a hurry to achieve results. It’s not surprising. The media and television promote sport by forgetting to answer the main question: when can you build muscle and stay healthy at the same time?

Steroids for beginners

Steroids and healthy lifestyle

In children, hormonal surges begin on average at age 12. The amount of testosterone increases, the first sexual characteristics are formed. Boys gradually begin to turn into men (the voice changes, the size increases, the first hairs appear on the face and body). This is the starting point: until the age of 25, the amount of hormone will increase, each year it will refine the boy’s body and transform it into a man. Many young novices, not receiving the right result in the gymnasium, run to the store for doping. Sport is a long and delicate process, early intake of anabolics will cause a hormonal background and can negatively affect the future life and reproductive functions of a person. To understand at what age you should start using drugs, you should follow these rules:

  1. Analyze the situation, pay attention to training and nutrition, the problem may lie in improper nutrition:
  2. You cannot accept funds under 21, even if you really want to. The fact is that during this period the body has enough hormones to gain weight without AAS. Don’t push your luck if you’re only 18 and can’t make it to mass. So it’s not the time yet, we have to wait a bit;
  3. Anabolic steroids should be taken if training experience is at least 3 years. It is during this time that the athlete will use all the resources of the body. If an athlete follows training, health, he will immediately understand that the peak has come, muscle growth has slowed down or is completely absent, collapse and other signs appear;
  4. Pay attention to your height, it should be several times more than kilograms. If your height is 1.5 m and your weight is 50 kg, you should not use anabolics. Constantly wait until the height reaches 1.7 m.
  5. It is necessary to know that before shaping the body, it is better to gain a certain weight, and the fat percentage should be at least 15%. Otherwise, you can lose existing muscle. To get relief, muscles need building materials, so you need to watch your weight. If the athlete is thin, he should slightly increase the weight with
  6. Age restrictions for taking steroids using individual diet and exercise;
  7. The first course of anabolic steroids should be carried out under the full supervision of a specialist. Before the first injection or the first pill, it is important to carry out hormonal tests to control the well-being and, of course, the dose. Every 2 weeks you need to undergo an additional examination for hormonal disorders.

Age indicators are a very important point in sports. Testosterone in the body throughout life first increases, up to 25 years, then there is a decrease, and after 35 years the countdown begins. If you sit in the first class at the age of 18, then at 30 it will be difficult for you to control the hormonal background and cope with the assigned sports tasks. It is very important for athletes to maintain testosterone levels because this hormone affects not only sports performance but also a full life. After 35 years, sexual activity decreases, problems with potency appear, conception, heart function deteriorates, blood vessels suffer. For this reason, doctors recommend taking synthetic substances to maintain male strength and health.