The pharmacological market is very developed, here you can find a lot of funds to treat diseases and support the body. Many drugs have their own history of creation and use. In the middle of the 20th century, steroid drugs for a wide variety of purposes, which were completely new to people at that time, entered the market.

Steroids in sports: myths and reality

In the post-war period, scientists wanted to create a universal remedy for the rapid healing of wounds and burns, as well as for the rapid recovery of patients with weak immunity. Subsequently, androgen hormones gained popularity in sports and among lovers of an active lifestyle.

All anabolic substances have a parent, the well-known testosterone. Thanks to the male hormone in the human body, it applies not only to men, but also to women, various kinds of changes occur. Due to the level of certain hormones, a person feels stronger, more resilient, which is very important for an athlete.

In sports, many professional athletes have achieved great victories through the use of steroids. After the FDA banned these funds, rumors and myths of all kinds began to appear in the information space around the world about the dangers of anabolic substances and the general mortality due to their use. Many first-timers began to give up hormone therapy at the expense of their careers to avoid unlikely side effects.

Before publicly shouting about the dangers or benefits of certain drugs, you should familiarize yourself with all the nuances and recommendations.

Steroids in sports: myths and reality

Major Misconceptions and Myths

  1. Flaccidity after discontinuation of anabolics. When using ASA, muscle growth is dramatically accelerated by increasing the hormones in the blood testosterone, nandrolone. During the course, with proper nutrition and training, you can gain up to 15 kg in volume. After the end of the application, the body experiences a lack of testosterone. Why do you ask? For a long time the body received this hormone from the outside, that is, through injections, and forgot how to produce it. In this case, if you do not take drugs that normalize the hormonal background, catabolism can occur – the destruction of muscle tissue. The muscles will gradually disappear, but there will be no sagging. This is a myth that beginners believe. Pay attention to bodybuilding veterans – they have a very attractive appearance, their skin does not hang down, and everything is in order with their health.
  2. With the help of steroids you can get the maximum without investment. You should not expect that by using hormonal drugs and at the same time not loading the training body, you can get muscles like those of great bodybuilders. The process of muscle recruitment is laborious work and you need to approach it in a complex way. Ideally, you should compose a diet and exercise program well. If possible, work with a qualified trainer or at least get some advice online. If an athlete consumes a large amount of anabolics and does not train, the opposite effect can occur: the accumulation of fat instead of muscle.
  3. Steroids differ in their action and safety. It is difficult to dispute this fact. Of course, there is a group of universal type products that are suitable not only for gaining muscle, but also for increasing strength and speed, but they are not suitable for athletes with weight restrictions. On the contrary, there are anabolics that do not affect muscle mass at all, but allow you to withstand physical exertion and improve external data due to the effect on fat burning and elasticity muscular. You can buy steroids in our store at a price from the manufacturer, free consultation of specialists is possible.
  4. Impotence in AAS therapy is an inevitable process. Who told you that athletes were powerless? Try telling it to the eyes! In fact, the same testosterone is responsible for male sexual activity. The use of anabolics increases the amount of this hormone in the blood and, therefore, improves sex life. After the end of the course, a weak erection is possible if restorative treatment is not carried out, but this process is temporary and completely reversible. Even if the athlete refuses therapy to restore the production of his own hormone, the body will begin to produce the hormone on its own and the disorders associated with potency will disappear.
  5. Beginners should not use AAS. It is a myth that is spreading at a rapid pace. Experience has shown no contraindications. If an athlete has a good coach and a sports doctor, there is nothing to worry about. Of course, if an athlete was coming to the gym for the first time, it’s still too early for him to think about anabolic steroids, that’s stupid to say the least, and dangerous at the most. It is important to first train the body so that it can withstand the load, and then to gain the desired muscles.

Keep in mind that until the end of the 20th century, scientists all over the world were shouting that steroids caused cancer, but now many don’t believe it anymore. If you believe all the information on the Internet and the media, you can usually refuse not only medicine, but also food. Anyone who wants to make money from their information often embellishes the facts, making the situation worse and putting many manufacturers on the brink of bankruptcy. You should not believe in anything you are not 100% sure of, check the information from different sources.