So you’ve done your own research and decided that you’re ready to take the path to the dark side. However, let me tell you about the degree of your will, because it may seem illusory. In this article, I want to convey as much useful information as possible that is usually overlooked. It is much better to take a course and understand everything than to read all the information online and only deal with the theory. That’s why I’m here to help you with planning and implementation. Nothing in our life can give a 100% guarantee, but if you follow certain rules and tips, the risk of failure is minimal. As they say: aware – means armed.

The first cycle of steroids for beginners: a complete review


I will try to say here only what is important and without superfluity, because I am aware that this is the subject that the least person wants to hear. The fact is that young people are not yet fully formed. The bones have not yet reached their full potential. Steroids are very likely to slow (or stop) your body’s potential growth that is not yet complete. You should never assume that you are already “adult”. There is a myth that a person has formed already at the age of 18-19. This is an incredibly rare case and the chance that you are one of those “lucky ones” tends towards zero.

To properly check and find out how fully formed it is, you will have to go through the x-ray procedure (bone scan i.e. x-ray). Only then can you objectively assess the degree of bone formation. In this case, you need to pay attention to your epiphyseal (EL) lines or plates. If your ELs are not yet developed, then you are growing. If you have already developed EL, then you have reached the limit of your growth. So do you think your desire to surf is worth interfering with your bone growth mechanism? I do not believe. It is better to add a few more centimeters in the volume of bones.

The second concern that may arise is potential damage to your HPT axis and endocrine system. It is complex, which is quite sensitive to changes. It is especially sensitive in young people, all because the body is still in the process of stabilizing, developing and growing. Since there are no specific rules about this that say when you can start the course, it is better to be patient until the age of 24. Yes friends, only think about the course at 24 years old.

Have a clearly defined meal plan

Contrary to popular belief, steroids do not build muscle on their own. It would be magical, but we know it doesn’t happen. Well, unless of course you don’t believe in magic. Think of it on steroids as a stereo/mono subwoofer amp in your home or car. What if you install an amplifier to connect a subwoofer, but use 30 gauge wire to connect everything? Well, like in a water pipe, it is possible to conduct sound through a breaking wire. But if you connect a 10 gauge wire and then turn on the whole system, you will see the effect of BOOM.

Your nutrition plan is the key to your own success. To allow your muscles to grow, you need to feed them. If you eat well, you will grow. If your diet is bad, the result will be the same. You can inject gallons of drugs, but it won’t help. It’s about DIET.

The first cycle of steroids for beginners: a complete review

Your diet should match your goals

First, you need to determine your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). This is the number of calories you burn per day. There are several ways to determine this caloric content. Typically, the most accurate estimate will come from a device you strap to your body and walk around with for 24 hours. But I think you can use a simpler method to calculate your TDEE by multiplying your MMM by 15. This will give you a great starting point for your daily calorie intake.

But to determine your SMM, you need to know the percentage of subcutaneous fat. Unfortunately, this is not easy to do using a caliper or similar devices found in the gym. The error in the calculations may be too large. Here the cards are in your hands, whether with X-rays, with the Tanita, with hydraulic weighing… In general, everything that involves a minimum of error and a maximum of precision in the measurements.

All of these scans will give you information about body fat percentage and SMM. But if you need to figure out the MMS yourself, then no problem, subtract the fat % from your total body mass and voila, you get the MMS weight.

Possession of the power bases necessary for further progress.

This is another mistake beginners make. Your body is like a house. If you have a weak base and strength, when a strong wind blows, nothing will be left of your house. For starters, you need to prepare yourself before you begin to progress in the direction of strength so that your body can withstand the pressure put on it. Otherwise, there is a high probability of injury, for example, to the shoulder, tendons and ligaments. Connective tissue does not grow as fast as muscles.

There are 2 physical characteristics to consider before sitting down to your first plate:

  • The ratio of your weight to your height (your height);
  • % of subcutaneous fat in your body.
  • The relationship between body weight and height is what determines a safer course that will prevent (or reduce the likelihood of) injury. It will help you understand how strong you can get and how you should train.